The Best Space Saving Storage Solutions For Your Apartment

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There are plenty of ways to save space when you’re living in an apartment, contrary to popular belief.

Everyone could always use more storage space.  The Apartments of Wildewood can provide you access to storage units, of course, but you may need immediate access to items you don’t have room to store.  In this case, it’s necessary for you to find some storage solutions.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save space when you’re living in an apartment, contrary to popular belief.  If you want to save some space, here are a few storage solutions you can try out.

Increase Your Closet Space


If you want to be able to store more clothes in your closet (who doesn’t?) then you can try this easy hack that will make your life easier.  Using a simple chain and an S hook, you can hang this in your closet, which will allow you to hang a garment on the links of the chain.  Store six shirts on one hanger, this way!  You can also invest in some storage box solutions, which can hold your shoes for easy access.


Utilize Under Your Bed


One of the bulkiest things you’ll need to store in an apartment that you may need immediate access to is your suitcase.  In this case, you can use your suitcase and store it in a very convenient way.  Store your out-of-season clothing in the suitcase, and slide it under your bed, where it will be hidden from sight.  You can purchase small boosters from any home department store that can raise your mattress a few extra inches if you need more space.  This way, you can always access your suitcase, and this hack includes two storage solutions!


Easy Towel Access


Looking to free up space in your linen closet?  An ingenuitive storage solution is to hang a wine rack for easy towel access.  With a simple command hook, you can mount a wine rack that has perfect spaces for towels and linens that you’d like to use whenever you like.  That way, your linen closet can be used for other storage purposes, freeing up space.


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