Tips For Decorating Small Apartment Spaces for the Holidays

apartments of wildewood decorating small apartment spaces for holidays

Remember these tips for decorating small apartment spaces for the holidays.

Now that November is here, it’s time to start decorating your home for the holidays! The end of fall and beginning of winter is a fun time to indulge in your favorite seasonal decor like wreaths, trees, art, twinkle lights, and more. If you are unsure how to decorate small apartment spaces for the holidays, we have a few tips for you. These tips can help you decorate your Apartments of Wildewood home without making you feel cluttered or overwhelmed by decoration. 

Christmas Trees for Small Apartment Spaces

For any apartment, an artificial tree is best to guarantee safety. Fortunately, there are many excellent options on the market in different sizes, colors, and prices. Plus, when you purchase an artificial tree, you can store it and bring it out yearly without worrying about the mess of watering and pine needles.

If you really want to save space, look for a tabletop version that can be placed on any coffee or end table. If you want that evergreen smell, choose live garlands to drop around your door frames or windows. You can also create a beautiful tabletop centerpiece with sprigs of pine, eucalyptus, holly, and pine cones. Plus, add a wreath to your front door to get into the spirit. There are plenty of decor options available when you want to fill your home with that Christmas tree scent and woodsy look. 

Twinkle Lights

Twinkly string lights are a staple of holiday decorating. If you want to add a festive, bright touch without taking up much space, hang lights around some focal areas. These lights can go well around doorways, on your TV stand, or your balcony. You can find string lights in white or multicolor varieties and different sizes. No matter what size you choose, you can create a warm, cozy glow that gets you in the holiday spirit

Display Your Cards

If you receive a lot of holiday cards from friends and family, put them to good use and display them in your apartment. You can attach your cards to the garland or lights around your doorway with clothes pins or tuck them into mirrors or picture frames. 

Small Space Stockings

If you want to decorate small apartment spaces for the holidays, you can find creative stocking placements. You can hang your Christmas stockings from drawer or cabinet knobs, a bedpost or bed frame, side or console tables, or even from a bookshelf. You can find hooks designed to sit on bookshelves and hold up your stockings. For a simple, rustic look, you might hang string or twine and attach stockings using clothespins. 

Switch Out Your Wall Art 

Switch out your everyday wall art for holiday-inspired prints, quotes, or favorite carol lyrics to create a seasonal gallery display. This saves space because you don’t add to your existing decor, and it helps you feel like your apartment home has a new style for the season. 

So, if you think you don’t have the space to decorate your home as much as you would like – think again! Even small apartment spaces can be decorated in creative and attractive ways for the holiday season. 

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