Decorating Your Private Patio or Apartment Balcony for the Fall

Decorating Your Private Patio or Apartment Balcony for the Fall

It’s nice to add decorative touches to your balcony representing the season. Here is how to decorate your private patio or apartment balcony for the fall.

When fall comes around, it’s nice to add decorative touches representing the season. Decorating a private patio or apartment balcony can be challenging. After all, you don’t want it to appear overcrowded. Fortunately, Apartments of Wildewood can help. Here is how to decorate your private patio or apartment balcony for the fall. 

Decorate with Intent

The best way to start decorating any space is to figure out your intent. In other words, consider how you want to use your private patio or apartment balcony during the fall. Do you enjoy sipping tea and reading? Would you like to talk with friends? Does dining outdoors bring you joy? 

You can create a comfortable and cozy nook or a small dining area. It’s best to focus on one of these activities if you have a small balcony. By choosing proportional furniture, it might be possible to do both for a more extensive, private patio or apartment balcony.

If you want to try using a larger balcony for many functions, consider compact but comfortable chairs, smaller side tables, and round cafe tables. When planning outdoor furniture and seating, Houzz recommends that you need three feet of clearance to push back a chair comfortably. 

Try a Small Table Display 

You can fill a beautiful basket with fall decorations using pumpkins, gourds, acorns, cotton, or leaves. Anything that represents the autumn harvest will work well. You can set the basket on the dining table as a centerpiece or use it as a side table to add extra fall cheer to your apartment. During rainy weather, you’ll want to take the basket inside. 

Make the Space Warm and Inviting 

Fall is all about getting cozier as temperatures drop. Textures and patterns reminiscent of fall include faux fur, knitted wool, plaid, and gingham (a light to medium-weight woven cotton blend, usually duo-toned, with checked, plaid, or striped patterns.) You can also make any outdoor space warm and inviting by adding soft pillows and fuzzy throw blankets to your balcony seating. 

Go for a Rustic and Natural Outdoor Dining Table

If you have space for a dining table, set it with rustic and natural textures. Wood or rattan (used to make wicker weave), plate chargers, linen napkins, and gourds have an inherently natural and autumn feel. 

Pump up the Pumpkins 

You can pump up the pumpkin season by creating a fall vignette. You can use pumpkins, mums, apple crates, lanterns, and baskets and add a straw, colored leaves, or burlaps to create a unique texture. Instead of scattered pumpkins on the balcony floor, a pumpkin focal point looks more organized and makes for better use of space when you place it in a corner where furniture can’t fit. 

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