Ideas for Decorating a Small Apartment Bedroom

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A great place to start when decorating a small bedroom is the bed. Choosing a bed that fits just right and doesn’t take up too much space could give you more room to decorate.

Do you own a small apartment bedroom and are unsure how to decorate it? Are you concerned that all of your creative decorating ideas will overwhelm this space? Sometimes, choosing an apartment floor plan with less square footage is more cost-effective. However, that doesn’t mean that a small apartment bedroom can’t be beautiful and well-designed. Here are some helpful decorating ideas! 

Start with the Bed When Decorating a Small Apartment Bedroom

A bed typically takes up the most space in any bedroom. Therefore, you should be selective. Ask yourself if you want one or two nightstands next to the bed. Additionally, consider a bed with built-in storage to save space. Some people also opt for a chest in front of the bed to store items versus nightstands. Overall, it’s always best to choose a roomy and comfortable mattress to accommodate your needs. 

Selecting the Decorations

A small bedroom needs decoration because they add character. Otherwise, the room will look relatively mundane. Various large items will overwhelm the space. Instead, opt for one stand-alone, large focal picture or centerpiece. You can also place smaller elements around it. Look for ways to bring life to the room without jeopardizing space in your small apartment bedroom. 

Ensure That Your Bedroom is Functional

Every room should have style, but it should be functional as well. Ask yourself if you need a king bed. A queen bed might be a better fit if your bedroom is narrow. Additionally, consider utilizing shelving versus nightstands. These shelves could serve as a space for your phone, jewelry, or anything else that you need to store. 

Choosing the Color Scheme

Small interiors and dark shades aren’t the best pairings. Of course, you can implement dark shades into a small room strategically and sparingly. White, gray, and pastel colors make a small apartment bedroom appear brighter. Ensure that the entire room isn’t all white either. Earth tones are also an excellent way to ensure your small apartment bedroom is warm and inviting. 

Be Practical

Consider your lifestyle needs, which will ultimately determine what elements you need in your bedroom. Ask yourself if you need an armchair in your bedroom. It’s a beautiful artistic touch, but how often will you sit in this chair. If you’re a person who owns a lot of clothes, you might need more room for a dresser instead. Additionally, if you only watch tv or movies when guests come over, you most likely don’t need a television in the bedroom. 


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