How to Prepare Your Apartment for the Holidays

apartments of wildewood apartment for the holidays

Prepare your apartment for the holidays with fun decorations.

While it is often fun and rewarding, being a host during the holidays can be overwhelming. There is a lot of prep and consideration involved. We encourage you to take a few deep breaths if you’re feeling anxious. We also encourage you to think positively, knowing that mapping things out sooner rather than later makes a difference. Here is some sound advice on preparing your apartment for the holidays. 

Do an Inventory Check 

How long has it been since you’ve checked your condiments? Are you 1000% sure they haven’t expired? We suggest you go through your refrigerator, freezer, cupboards, and pantry to discard everything you know is no longer safe to eat or doesn’t serve a purpose. 

In other words, if you know you won’t use it, now is an excellent time to discard it. You’ll be able to tell how much space you have to store ingredients for your holiday meals and have enough room for tasty leftovers.

Prepare Your Guest Room

Do you have a second bedroom in your apartment? It’ll be the perfect spot for your guests to stay a night or two during the holidays. We recommend that you: 

  • Vacuum and dust the guest room
  • Put fresh sheets on the bed and a warm comforter and blanket
  • Ensure that the room has enough storage for your guests to house their belongings 

You could also add warm touches such as putting essential oils in the room, scented plugins, or whatever you can think of to make the room smell pleasant and inviting. 

Create an Inviting Kitchen Corner

Creating an inviting kitchen corner is another way to make guests feel at home. You can add coffee, creamer, bagels, muffins, mini cereals, oatmeal packets, and fresh fruit to this corner if you have guests over while cooking food. That way, they won’t feel famished before the holiday dinner. 

Clean the Oven and Microwave

Now would be the best time to degrease the oven and microwave before the holidays. You can remove the round glass from your microwave and wash it by hand in the kitchen sink. For the microwave and oven interior, sudsy soap and water will do the trick, or you can use an oven cleaner product if the grease buildup is powerful. 

Please read the instructions carefully because the fumes can sometimes be too much to handle. You’ll want to complete this task several days before cooking, mainly because you don’t want those fumes lingering on Turkey Day. 

Decorate Your Apartment 

You can add as few or as many frills as you like. Holiday-scented candles, a small pumpkin as a centerpiece, lining the front door with lights, placing a seasonal welcome mat outside, or hanging a wreath are all decorations that say, “it’s the holidays!” 

Buy a Few Extra Everyday Items

Guests coming over means you’ll need extra towels and toilet paper. Also, if you have guests staying over, it’s common for people to forget soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothpaste. You can buy mini versions of these items and stock them in your storage closet for your guests to use if they need them.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on preparing your apartment for the holidays. Contact Apartments of Wildewood today if you’re looking for a cozy new apartment to call your home

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