5 Important Rules for Any Apartment Pool

5 Important Rules for Any Apartment Pool

It’s always important to know the essentials behind any community swimming pool in your apartment complex

Although we’re still a few weeks away from warm weather, it’s always important to know the essentials behind any community swimming pool in your apartment complex. During the summer, the only way to get cool down is by taking a dip in your apartment’s pool. While you’re at the pool, make sure you and your guests follow all of the pool guidelines and rules, as stated by the office management. Here are a handful of general pool etiquette tips to keep in mind when your apartment pool opens up this summer.

Adhere to Existing Pool Rules

All pools will have their rules posted up somewhere along the fence or on the gate doors. These usually state what is allowed and what isn’t at the apartment pool. Safety rules and pool hours usually are posted too.

Clean Up After Yourself

Brining refreshments and snacks are usually allowed at most apartment pools. However, don’t abuse the rules by leaving behind food, wrappers, cans, or bottles around your seating area. Keep things tidy around you by making trips to the garbage and recycling cans. If the grilling area is nearby and you use it, make sure to clean that up space as well. Your neighbors and management will both appreciate it.

Be Careful With Spray Sunscreen

Most people prefer the spray over lotion sunscreens because they’re easier to apply and will not immediately wash off once you jump into the pool. While SPF is a must, spraying everybody around you isn’t. To contain the contents and mist, spray it into your hand, and apply where needed. If you have to spray, walk to a more remote spot of the pool and spray there.

Do Not Hand Out the Key or Code

The apartment pool is the private spot for you and your neighbors. Inviting some friends over to swim is fine, but giving away your access key or code to everyone you know isn’t. Just be smart when it comes to something like this. You could also be violating your lease terms if you do this.

Keep the Music Low

Make sure that your tunes are turned on low once you’re relaxing poolside. It is also a wise idea to select a playlist that isn’t heavy on profanity if there are children around. Make the apartment pool a family-friendly spot.

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