How Your Sunny Apartment Makes Life Better

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Your sunny apartment can make life more comfortable and enjoyable.

When searching for a new apartment, many people look for sun-filled apartments with lots of windows and access to natural light. Why do people prefer a sunny apartment? It is because spending time indoors with exposure to natural light and bright sunshine can make life better. It’s good to spend some time outdoors and get fresh air and sun, so letting light into your apartment is equally essential. At The Apartments of Wildewood, we know how much better a sunny apartment can be, which is why our apartment homes have ample windows with plenty of access to sunshine. How does your light-filled apartment make life better? 

A Boost of Serotonin

Serotonin is an essential brain hormone that helps you feel happier and calmer. When sunlight hits your eye, it cues an area in your retina that triggers the release of this positive mood hormone. 

What Does Sunshine Do For Your Mood? 

A lack of sunlight, in some people, can even lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression often remedied by exposure to sunlight or artificial “sun lamps.” Maximizing the light in your sunny apartment – by opening curtains and implementing mirrors – can help keep your serotonin levels up and avoid messing with your circadian rhythm that affects sleep. When your apartment already has easy access to sunlight, you don’t have to do much to take advantage of the positive benefits of sunshine. 

What Are The Other Benefits? 

Your sunny apartment can make life better by not only boosting your mood but also contributing to these other positive results: 

  • Sunlight creates vitamin D: exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation in the sunshine helps your skin produce vitamin D, which is necessary for strong bones. 
  • It can heal skin conditions: The World Health Organization has suggested that sun exposure can help heal skin conditions such as psoriasis, jaundice, eczema, and some acne. 

Sunlight is also being researched to treat many conditions. Preliminary research suggests that there may be potential for daylight to help with the treatment of diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid problems, and even arthritis. 

How Much Sunshine Do I Need? 

It depends. Many health organizations say that anywhere from ten to 30 minutes of sun exposure daily can help you reap the positive benefits. However, many also advise people to be careful with their outdoor exposure and to protect themselves with sunscreen. Moderation is vital, as is avoiding too much sun exposure when the sun’s rays are most direct, from 10 am to 4 pm. 

In your sunny apartment, you can soak up the sun even during busy days that keep you inside. You can enjoy natural light rather than artificial lighting, and when the weather is good, you can open up a window to let in a cool breeze and breathe some fresh air. Ultimately, a sun-filled apartment is always going to make you happier and more relaxed in your new home.

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