The Top 3 Things All Pet-Friendly Apartments Need

The Top 3 Things All Pet-Friendly Apartments Need

It’s imperative to know the top three things to look out for in a pet-friendly apartment.

When you are looking for an apartment, you’ve probably got a list of things you want and do not want. Once you have narrowed down your list of pet-friendly apartments, it is time to take a closer look. It’s imperative to know the top three things to look out for in a pet-friendly apartment and a dog-friendly apartment so you can better pick one that suits the needs of both you and your fuzzy friend. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic occurring, it is essential to ensure your pet has enough space within your living situation, Read on to learn more about the three things that all pet-friendly apartments need to have.

Lots of Open Space

A huge consideration when looking for a pet-friendly apartment is space. Depending on the size and the activity level of your pet, the layout and size are very important. When analyzing a space, make sure to take into account any private outdoor areas as well as the community areas. If your dog or other pet needs a lot of room to move around and play, you’ll want to look at the availability of a safe, open area. Whether it is a private patio or a community pet run. If that isn’t an option, then consider asking your neighbors or look into doggie daycare if you’re not home for a while. Barking is also a big complaint for some of your neighbors, so make sure your pet-friendly apartment is away from any common areas that might trigger barking. Windows facing a sidewalk or walkway, or close to an entrance or exit stairway could trigger barking.

Community and Location

Look at the apartment community, and it’s surrounding neighborhood. Are there dog and pet-friendly amenities? Is there a spot to take out your pet to “do their business” when you’re in a hurry, or will you have to walk a little bit to get to an okay spot? Where will you walk your pet daily? Is the apartment community safe?

Pet-Friendly Apartment Policies

Of the top three things to seek out in a pet-friendly apartment, the building’s pet policies are the most vital. It is essential to know what the policies are for your pet. The property manager might volunteer some information, but it’s very important to ask the right questions to make sure you’re in line with the policies regarding pets going clear. Keep these three things in mind when seeking out a brand new Maryland apartment!

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