Townhouse Apartments vs. Regular Apartments, Which One is Better?

Townhouse Apartments vs. Regular Apartments, Which One is Better?

Townhouse apartments and regular apartments are your two primary options in most areas.

Whether you are renting your own spot for the first time or are moving out again, you are probably looking at a few different rental options. Perhaps your first thought was to rent an apartment. However, townhouse apartments and regular apartments are your two primary options in most areas. Now that you know what all of your options are, there is a lot to learn about the differences and compare the costs and perks of each. Read on to learn the differences between townhouse apartments and regular apartments.

Regular Apartment Disadvantages

A lot of the disadvantages when it comes to renting a regular apartment relate to management and their rules. After all, apartments are a part of a more extensive community, and property managers want every person on the same page. A few disadvantages are:

  • Pet policies: no pet rules are a common thing in many apartment communities. Pets can be a bit messy and might not like limited space, so a lot of landlords will not allow them at all.
  • Limited customization of your space: renting a regular apartment usually means you are limited when it comes to customizing your space.
  • Size: apartments tend to be a bit smaller than your average townhouse. The living space is typically not too spacious inside of a regular-sized apartment. You should not expect a formal dining room or yard inside your regular apartment unit.

Renting a regular apartment is a good choice if you wish to keep costs low and do not spend too much time at home. If you are more of a homebody with a family, renting a townhouse may be better suited for you.

Townhouse Apartment Advantages

The top advantage when it comes to renting a townhouse apartment is the change in your lifestyle. Renting a townhouse is very similar to renting a regular apartment, except you might be responsible for a few different things. It is very similar to owning a home, minus the hefty mortgage loan. This means more space, easier restrictions, among other things.

  • Amenities: townhouse apartment communities usually come with amenities: including trash removal, swimming pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, and more.
  • Neighborhood: being a part of your usual neighborhood is another benefit of renting a townhouse apartment. Townhouses usually have a closer sense of community than the standard for an apartment or condo. It is normal to feel a bit isolated at first, no matter where you live.

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