3 Advantages to Apartment Living

3 Advantages to Apartment Living

Attitudes towards homeownership are changing—and this is having a big impact on the public perception towards apartment living.

In the past, apartments have gotten a bad reputation here and there. They are sometimes relegated as simply an affordable, but not a preferable option, especially when the American dream seems to always entail homeownership. It seems to be the case, however, that attitudes towards homeownership are changing—and this is having a big impact on the public perception towards apartment living. The kinds of perks you get, such as affordability or building strong community ties, are big reasons behind many renters deciding to forgo homeownership altogether. Today, though, we’d like to highlight three advantages to living in an apartment that you may influence your decision as to where you want to live.

Freedom Around Your Living Situation 

The ways people are organizing themselves is changing rapidly. Think about how much more common things like telecommuting, remote work, and “digital nomad” lifestyles have become. These ideas weren’t possible even a decade ago, but nowadays, it’s entered the mainstream conversation. If you want to have that kind of freedom, apartment living is one of the best ways to do so. Most leases are usually a year long, leaving you able to pack up and plant new roots rather than having to deal with a 10, 25, or 30-year mortgage.

Living on the Cheap

Just about wherever you look, opting to purchase a home is going to require footing a huge bill. Even if you’re able to secure a loan you’re comfortable with, those down payments you’re going to need to make are no joke. Add to this the fact that renting means you don’t need to worry about things like repair costs or maintaining a landscape and you’re going to end up spending less in the short term. While a mortgage could save you money over a long enough timeframe, saving money quickly and getting to benefit from all the other perks of renting an apartment may be an appealing decision depending on your life circumstances.

Develop Communities

Finally, creating a sense of community in an apartment isn’t just possible—it’s inevitable. This is good news for parents who want to guarantee their children always have someone to play with. Not to mention, in these times where much of our work can be done at home, having a community that physically surrounds you is good for your mental health. A shared sense of care and respect for your apartment building also goes a long way in creating a more harmonious atmosphere. Apartment living creates such a good feeling of community for everyone involved. 

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