3 Easy Tips for Decreasing Your Apartment Utility Bills

3 Easy Tips for Decreasing Your Apartment Utility Bills

We have got a handful of tips to help you decrease your apartment utility bills before the spring arrives.

Over the course of the winter, you may have had your heat continually running to stay warmed up since temperatures have hit the 20s and 30s here in Maryland. Between keeping your apartment space warm, social distancing by sheltering inside, and watching Netflix a lot – you may have found yourself groaning once you received your utility bill. Luckily, at the Apartments of Wildewood, we have got a handful of tips to potentially help you decrease your apartment utility bills before the spring finally arrives. Read on to learn more!

Rely on Natural Light for Some Warmth

It is essential to allow plenty of natural light to shine within your townhouse apartment during the daytime. You can open up your blinds to your window or balcony space to get the most sunlight as humanly possible throughout your floorplan during the daytime. Once the night arrives, you can close up your blinds to combat any drafts that might come through your windows and or patio doors. By shutting your blinds tightly after the sun has set, you are also keeping warmer air from escaping your apartment.

Wear Warmer Layers and Use Throw Blankets

You could pile on warmer layers for extra warmth throughout the winter instead of cranking up the heat levels. You could also line leggings with knee-high socks, wear long johns, or even buy a fleece-lined blanket shawl to wrap around your shoulders to stay warm while you work from home. You could also incorporate throw blankets all throughout your apartment home to keep it stylish while doing so. Try picking color-coordinated throw blankets for your couch and store them within a woven basket to grab conveniently whenever you feel a bit chilly.

Keep Your Thermostat Set to Automatic

Instead of having your heat running at all times during the winter, you could adjust your thermostat to turn on the heat automatically if your home temperature dips to below 71 degrees and becomes too cold for you. In doing so, you’ll ensure that your heat is not always running when you do not need it to be. Instead, let your heat turn on automatically anytime your apartment reaches a brutally cold temperature. In doing so, you might be able to save yourself a couple of hundred dollars in apartment utility bills during the cold winter weather.

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