3 Ways to Maintain Your Apartment This Summer

air conditioner maintenance

Keep your AC running during the day in the summer to save on energy costs.

It would be easy to shirk off and lounge around all summer, ignoring the state of your apartment in favor of relaxing.  Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice your time to keep up with your apartment maintenance.  It’s easy to feel like you don’t need to do any seasonal work when you’re renting, because there’s always a maintenance crew that has your back–but it doesn’t hurt to do a little DIY, these days.  Read on to find out how to keep your apartment in good shape this summer.

  1. Don’t turn the AC off during the day.


This may seem the opposite of what you’ve been taught your whole life.  The reality is, it takes much more energy to cool off a sun-baked house than it does to regulate one.  When you turn off your AC, the inside of your house gets incredibly uncomfortable in the Maryland heat, and you put it on full-blast when you get home.  It’s going to save you more money in the end if you run the AC periodically throughout the day and come home to a warm space that won’t take as much energy to cool off.


  1. Clean your garbage disposal.


Most of the time, the odor that follows an older garbage disposal is not necessarily your fault.  It comes from years of usage, and multiple tenants who may not have taken proper care of it.  This becomes most obvious during the summer, when warmth can cause bacteria to grow.  To get rid of that smell, chop a lemon in half and throw it in.  You could also add in some rubbing alcohol for good measure.  The alcohol will clean away the bacteria, and the lemon will add a fresh scent, so you won’t be left with a sink you’re afraid to go near.


  1. Shut your blinds when you aren’t home.


We can’t emphasize this enough–the Maryland summer sun can be brutal!  Even just keeping your windows open can let in rays that warm up your apartment considerably.  It’s more than fine to enjoy natural lighting where you can, but when you aren’t home to enjoy it, consider closing those blinds.  You’ll let the AC do its job, and you won’t hinder it with unnecessary greenhouse effects.


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