3 Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Apartment


Sensitive to noise coming from your neighbors? These three tricks may help you cut down on noise in your apartment.

No matter how numerous the benefits of living in an apartment are (and there are plenty!), you always run the risk of having to deal with unwanted noise in your apartment. Whether you’re facing a busy street or just have loud neighbors above, below, or beside you, it’s no wonder that so many apartment residents are looking for ways to reduce outside noise—especially for those of us who work during the night and are trying to sleep during the day! Give these three tips a shot to see if you can get rid of excessive noise coming into your apartment.  

1. Blocking Outside Noise

When it comes to outside noise like traffic or kids playing near your apartment, your best bet is to find something to cover the windows. Something like triple-paned glass would certainly help, but that’s simply not a feasible option for most apartment residents. Instead, try heavy, thick drapes around your windows. The thickness of the material should be helpful in keeping all that pesky noise down so you can get the peace and quiet you need.

2. Blocking Neighborly Noise

Strategically placing furniture can help cut down on the noise between apartments. Try putting a bookcase up against a wall or you can even look into acoustic panels with art on them that help absorb some of that sound while still looking stylish. As for noise coming up through your floor, using area rugs—and even doubling up on them—can help absorb some of that noise coming from your below neighbor. If neighbors are the cause, you can always talk to them about the issue as long as you’re respectful and reasonable.  

3. Coping With Noise

If all else fails and you’re still struggling with noise pollution, one idea is to try to cover it up. This can mean something as simple as leaving a fan running or leaving a TV with the volume set low enough that it’s not obtrusive, but you can also try a dedicated white noise machine. White noise is constant noise that’s meant to help you sleep easier, stress less, and focus on things other than your noisy neighborhood.

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