4 Design Ideas to Create the Perfect Apartment Dining Room

Apartment Dining Room

Finding space for dining in an apartment isn’t always easy, but with some creative thinking, you can always have a place to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Space comes at a premium in an apartment and in this modern age, that often means that the dining room gets left by the wayside. More and more, we’re either eating out or grabbing a quick bite in front of the TV. As a result, we’re taking less time to think about what our dining spaces are going to look like. Having a space to enjoy a meal with a friend or family member, or even just to get away from everything else and focus on your food, is still important though. Let’s take a look at how you can have a dining room that fits the modern day and seamlessly integrates into the rest of your apartment.

1. Hide Away

A functional dining space requires creativity. There is a lot of furniture out there designed for this very purpose and often helps you hide away your dining room elements when not in use. Extendable dining tables allow you to add a few seats and some extra space when you have guests over without taking up too much of your apartment when not in use. Even if you don’t have a permanent dining area, you may want to invest in a foldaway table that you can bring out during meals and then tuck away when you’re done.

2. Get Unconventional

You may not have enough room for a dedicated dining room but that doesn’t mean you can’t find space elsewhere. A corner in your kitchen could serve as a small dining nook, your living room could have a foldable table just for eating at, or you could even use a larger hallway or balcony for dining purposes. Regardless of what your situation is, find space where you need it and take advantage of it.

3. Use Walls

Some people think that you can’t place furniture against walls, but dining fixtures are one of the best places to break that rule. In a narrow room, you can save a ton of space just by placing a table against a wall. This is also usually a good idea if you’re living alone or if you only have one or two roommates. On special occasions, you can always pull the table out and add a bit more space.

4. Vertical Space

Sometimes kitchens have enough space to fit a dining area, but you’re using up most of that space with storage. Organizing your kitchenware by using vertical space and shelves can help increase the capacity and give you enough room for a compact dining room area.

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