4 Ideas for Throwing the Ideal Apartment Housewarming Party


Hosting a housewarming party at your new apartment? Follow these bits of advice to make sure it’s a good time for everyone involved!

If you’ve moved into a new apartment recently, you may want to have a handful of guests over for a housewarming party. It’s nice to celebrate moving into a new home, but there’s also a lot of considerations that come with having guests over for such an event. Our advice? Keep it simple, easy, and on a low-budget. You don’t want to anger your new neighbors by having too many people over just as you’ve moved in, so keep it to an appropriate number of people and don’t make things overly complicated or rowdy. Here are four ideas for hosting a simple, easy housewarming party within your new apartment.

1. Simple Food Options

An easy way to handle the food for an event like this is to let everyone bring a dish or two. If a few people bring an entree, one person brings snacks, and one person brings a dessert, you have everything covered. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about satisfying everyone’s needs because they will have more control over what they end up eating.

2. Entertainment Options

The company of your friends and family may be enough, but if you want to keep everyone entertained, there are a few options out there. You may want to invest in a pack of cards or a board game, which is an inexpensive way to keep everyone having fun. Crowd around a dining table and have a blast playing games with one another!

3. Give Them a Tour

Whether your apartment is big or small, it’s always nice to show them around. Take the time to clean every room beforehand so you can feel pride in showing them where you’ve moved.

4. Simple Decorations

You really don’t need to get elaborate when it comes to decorating for a little housewarming get together. A couple of balloons or string lights can go a long way in making your apartment feel large and in charge. At the end of the day, the people you invite are what is most important rather than everything else that comes along with throwing a housewarming party.

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