4 Tips for Arranging Your Apartment Living Room

Apartment Living Room

Get your apartment living room organized right and it will completely change how you live.

The layout of a room isn’t purely a matter of aesthetics. A lot of what goes into arranging a room is centered around accessibility and functionality. Because living rooms are such a heavily used space in an apartment, it’s important that you arrange things in such a way that promotes good traffic flow and makes your space beautiful-yet-functional. Let’s take a look at four ideas to keep in mind when you go to arrange the furniture in your apartment living room.

1. Using Rugs

An area rug can add a splash of color to a living room and act as a real focal point. However, there is some consideration about placement, as thicker area rugs can actually be a hazard. Typically this isn’t much of a problem, but keeping area rugs away from any entryways and walkways is a good idea. Having some clearance around your rug helps with people seeing the area rug before you walk on it. Just be careful to make sure any furniture that goes on your area rugs is entirely on it, otherwise it can lead to wobbly furniture.

2. Apartment Entryways

This applies to any of the entryways in your apartment but especially in the ones in your living room: keep them clear. This allows easy access and lets you walk around without having to worry about bumping into any furniture.

3. Wall Clearance

Sometimes when we’re organizing a room, we have a tendency to push everything up against walls in an attempt to make the most of a space. There are a few issues with doing this though, as it can make a room feel uninviting and empty. No matter the size of a room, you want to put around 12 inches between the wall and furniture. Plus, putting furniture you sit in too close to a wall can result in scuffs and scratches on the wall.

4. Maintaining Walking Space

Most interior designers recommend the three-foot rule. What that means is leaving three feet of walking room throughout your living room. This prevents people from bumping into furniture and feeling claustrophobic.

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