4 Tips for Efficiently Using Space in Your Apartment


Smart apartment living means taking advantage of all the space you have available to you.

Organizing everything you own in an apartment is all about clever uses of spaces. When you’re limited in your available space in comparison to someone who may own a larger home, it means that you have to put a bit of thought into how you make your home functional yet beautiful. If you’re moving into your first apartment or have a lot of experience renting them, you can make use of these four tips for efficiently using space within an apartment.

1. Maximize on Seating

If you ever have guests over, you need seats for everyone. However, it’s just not an economic use of space to load up on large chairs or big couches. Some may opt to choose to keep a couple of folding chairs in their apartment so they can be stowed away in a closet, but options like bench seating are another great way to add some valuable seats to your home.

2. Using Hidden Storage

Without proper storage, you may quickly find that your apartment feels cluttered. However, you may not have the room for big wardrobes or extra cabinets, so it’s important that you look into hidden storage. This ties into the last point about seating as you can often find benches or even a footstool that can serve as an extra seat in a pinch that have storage built into them.

3. Take Advantage of Doors

You may not look at a door and think of it as a great place for storage, but they’re often used in ways you may not have thought of. Some doors are built with this in mind to act as bookshelves or have some other means of built-in storage, but even a regular door can be taken advantage of by hanging a rack off the top of it to store jackets or towels.

4. Multipurpose Rooms

In an apartment, the more purpose you can squeeze out of a space, the better. Something like a large coffee table may work for a bigger home, but you may be able to utilize that space for other things like hobbies or as an entertainment space. By being able to pack more than one function into an area, you can really take advantage of it.

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