5 Tips for Increasing Your Productivity in Your Apartment


Working from your apartment can reap many benefits as long as you know how to get in the spirit of productivity.

More people than ever are doing work from home, whether they’re taking a class online, doing a freelance gig, or just telecommuting for their full-time job. It’s a valuable experience for sure, but it certainly has its drawbacks. You may get distracted by everything in your apartment and that could lead to lower productivity. Learning to work from home effectively requires a good bit of discipline and self-motivation, which is why we came up with our top five tips for increasing your productivity while in your apartment.

1. Get Dressed

Part of the surface level appeal of getting things done at home is that no one is going to see you, so why bother wearing anything other than a t-shirt and sweatpants or, worse yet, even getting bathed? As enticing as this lounging around may be, your brain associates much of your morning routine like getting dressed in somewhat professional clothing and taking care of personal hygiene with getting ready for the day.

2. Try Time-Management Techniques

There are a few different methods out there to increase your productivity, so it really depends on what kind of person you are. A common one is the Pomodoro technique. This involves setting a 25-minute long timer, focusing on that one task completely for the duration of that timer, then taking 5 minutes to get up, stretch, and maybe get a drink or snack.

3. Lock Up Your Phone

We get it—your phone might as well just be your best friend. But if you want to get the most out of working from your apartment, it’s best to keep your phone tucked away while you’re working. It’s easy for your mind to wander and aimlessly pick up your phone to check social media, but keeping screen time that isn’t work-related to a minimum is a good practice.

4. Develop Your Routine

Having a structured schedule is essential in being productive and helping you feel like there’s a start and end to your workday. You don’t want 5 PM to roll around and feel as though you haven’t really worked a full day, so by sticking to a schedule, you can get all of your work in and meet whatever obligations you may have.

5. Create a Workspace

Offsetting your work spaces from the rest of your living situation can go a long way in breaking up your day. This doesn’t need to be an elaborate library-esque room with all the bells and whistles of a real office. A simple corner of your apartment with a little desk can get you in the mindset of working from home.

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