5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Brighter

5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Brighter 

Sufficient lighting isn’t just about your comfort, as not having enough lighting can impact your health.

Daylight savings just kicked in, and November has started. This results in the days getting darker faster, making us feel like we’re not getting nearly as much light as we were even just a few weeks ago. Sufficient lighting isn’t just about your comfort, either. Not having enough lighting can ultimately impact your mental health and influence your sleep cycle. Having a bright apartment isn’t easy this time of year, but we have some helpful tips for keeping everything inside well-lit. 

1. Natural Light

There are sometimes reasons to cover up windows and prevent natural light from coming in, but during this time of year, it’s a good idea to let some of that sunlight in. Reconfigure your shutters, curtains, or shades to let in as much natural light as possible and then see where you need to go from there, especially during those later hours when the sun sets down onto the horizon. 

2. Mirrors

A mirror may not produce light, but it can help redirect light. Mirrors are often used in an apartment space to make a room feel larger, brighter, and more open. If you want to add more light by using mirrors, you can put them across from glass doors, lamps, and windows to get some additional light in a space.

3. Decorative Lights

There are plenty of lights out there that have their own aesthetic touch and can easily be installed in an apartment without any permanent damage being caused. For example, there are wall sconces that can help a hallway or bedside area feel much brighter. 

4. Task Lights

Adjustable task lamps can help you get more utility out of your apartment spaces. Desks, bedside tables, kitchen counters, or reading areas can all benefit from smaller lights with adjustable brightness settings so you can comfortably read or relax with enough lighting. 

5. Festive Lights

Festive lighting can be used year-round! This includes holiday lights, lanterns, and patio lights. These lights can all be used to add a bit more brightness in your space. Place those lights in indoor plants, in nooks and other corners, or wherever you find you want a touch of something special. Not only do these festive lights brighten up the vibe of your apartment, but they also are a great conversation piece for when guests come over to mix and mingle. 

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