6 Methods For Keeping Your Apartment Cool This Summer

6 Methods For Keeping Your Apartment Cool This Summer

Some feel as if they aren’t doing enough to stay cool inside their townhome apartments during the summer.

Summer is here, and as you know, it is the hottest time of the year. For many apartment residents, this is an odd time of year to get comfortable with their air conditioning. Some often feel as if they aren’t doing enough to stay cool inside their townhome apartments. If you always seem to be using air conditioning to lower the temperatures inside your apartment, use the following hacks to stay cooled off in your apartment without running your electrical bill.

Shut Your Curtains and Blinds

While the beautiful views at the Apartments of Wildewood will leave you wishing to leave the curtains open, shut your blinds during the heat of the day. Install some blackout curtains to block out any heat further. Research shows that a large percentage of your apartment’s heat comes in through your windows. Following this simple tip can save you a lot with your electrical bills.

Make Your Ceiling Fans Go in the Proper Direction

Your ceiling fans should blow air down during the summer to keep your apartment a bit cooler. Therefore, they should be rotating counter-clockwise. There’s usually a switch on the side of them that you could push up or down to control its direction. Don’t forget to flip it again once the temperatures begin cooling down in the winter.

Sleep in a Cooler Bed

Give your bed a brand new look with cotton sheets. Then, pick a cooling pillow option to help you cool off while asleep. Air pockets in some more modern pillow designs will help keep your head much cooler. If you’re still hot in your bed, consider freezing a 20-ounce water bottle and putting it by your feet before you go to bed.

Move the Air

In addition to your ceiling fan, consider all other options to help you move the air. Place a bowl of ice directly in front of a fan, and then let it blow directly onto you. Turn on all the exhaust fans in your apartment bathroom. Any stagnate air feels a lot hotter than air that’s moving.

Pick the Right Clothing

Clothing made from natural fabrics keeps your body much cooler than those made from human-made fibers. Consider cotton options during the summer to cool you off inside your apartment. Little things like this can have quite a significant impact in the long run while trying to stay cool in your residence.

Hop in the Swimming Pool

This isn’t directly related to your apartment, but cooling off in one of the amenities at the Apartments of Wildewood, like our swimming pool, is one way to chill out on a hot summer day.

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