7 Apartment Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

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Read our apartment hacks for convenient ways to store items you have laying around.

If you live in an apartment, chances are you could stand to benefit from efficient organization of your smaller space. Do you often find that you feel cluttered by household items and your own belongings like shoes, clothes and furniture? Have no fear! We are here to help. Consider trying any or all of the “apartment hacks” below and we promise, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own space with less potential for stress before you know it.

Store Those Pesky Plastic Grocery Bags


Food is essential to life, and therefore so is grocery shopping. If you haven’t turned the experience into a completely eco-friendly one yet with reusable bags, you likely have a pile of plastic bags stuffed under a cabinet somewhere that you assume you will need for who-knows-what in the future. Tip: Recycle cylinder wet wipe containers (like Lysol cleaning wipes that you can pull out one by one) to hold your plastic bags for easy and concise storage!


Hang Your Boots


At the end of the day, sometimes you just want to kick off your boots the first chance you get. When shoes pile up quickly, even on a shoe rack, they can be a great factor in feeling like your space is cluttered or dirty. Tip: Hang your tall boots in your closet by clipping them to pant hangers.


Paper Towels

Paper towels come in bulky packaging and depending on where you are keeping them, may be taking up a lot of space. Tip: Hang a vertical shoe bag in your utility closet and place your paper towels in each cubby instead.


Bathroom Towels


You can always use a hook in the bathroom for your shower towel, but what if you have several clean towels lined up for guests and no nearby cabinet space? Tip: Use a wine rack in your bathroom to neatly hold rolled up, clean towels.




If you don’t have a bookshelf in your apartment, but your find that your coffee table or another space is cluttered with them, we have a solution. Tip: Hang a small, durable basket on the wall sideways to hold piles of horizontal books with ease.


Jewelry Storage


Can you never find the backings to your earrings once you take them off? Or are you always missing the matching earring? Tip: Putting empty ice cube trays in a drawer is a simple way to keep several jewelry items separated from one another and easy to access.


Nail Polish


You don’t have to let your nail polish clutter up your entire bathroom or dresser counter. Tip: Use a spice rack for concise, neat and pretty nail polish storage.



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