7 Compelling Reasons to Secure Renters Insurance

apartments of wildewood secure renters insurance

Secure renters insurance and enjoy peace of mind when living in your apartment.

When renting a new apartment home, it’s always best to secure renters insurance to protect your assets. While many people know that renters insurance is good to have or are required to have it by their landlord, they may not know the details of why this type of insurance can be so beneficial. If you want to know how renters insurance makes living in an apartment safer for you and your family–and protects your finances–learn more about acquiring renters insurance for your Apartments of Wildewood home. 

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

While car or health insurance can take a bite out of your paycheck, renters insurance is quite affordable. You can find several providers to find your best insurance plans, with many plans starting at $5 a month and most at an average price of $14 a month. Considering the benefits that come with this insurance, the price is unbeatable. 

Renters Insurance Protects Your Items at Home and On-the-Go

If your phone is stolen from a local coffee shop or your laptop is picked up at your library, your insurance policy has your back. Even if your items are stolen outside of your apartment home, you can get reimbursed by your renters insurance. 

Your Belongings Are Worth More Than You Think

Many people may not secure renters insurance because they don’t believe their belongings are that valuable. However, the price quickly rises when you consider the cumulative cost of everything in your home–mattresses, couches, kitchen devices, laptops, gaming systems, and more. When you have renters insurance, you can sleep easily, knowing that if any of these goods are damaged, lost, or destroyed by a covered event, your personal property coverage will provide you with enough funds to replace those items. 

Landlord Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Personal Property 

Your landlord or property management carries their own insurance for the property. However, while that insurance may cover the apartment building you live in and that the landlord owns, it does not cover your personal property. If you lose your items to a fire, for example, and you don’t have insurance, no one else can replace your items for you. 

Insurance Covers Dog Bites

When you secure renters insurance, you can add provisions that account for potential dog bites! Your insurance can cover associated costs if your dog bites someone on your property or away from it. However, this only applies to dogs without a history of biting or ones not categorized as high-risk. 

Insurance Helps If You Need to Leave Your Apartment

If a fire or flood occurs (which you are not at fault for) and you must vacate your home while damages are repaired, you can use the “loss of use” policy. This is there to help you cover temporary housing and basic living expenses until your apartment is livable again. 

Cover Medical Costs for Injured Guests

You never know what may happen, so if someone visiting your home is injured somehow, you may use renters insurance to cover their medical costs under $5,000. If things turn unfriendly and your injured friend tries to sue you, you can use personal liability coverage to handle that dispute. 

Personal liability coverage can be used to cover legal fees if you need a lawyer to defend you. If you are found liable for damages due to your negligence or actions, your insurance can also help cover damages. 

When you secure renters insurance for your Apartments of Wildewood home, you can devise a policy that works best for your lifestyle and belongings. 

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