Amazing Indoor Plants to Use in Your Apartment


Some plants are better than others when it comes to thriving in an apartment environment. To find out which ones they are, read on.

Springtime calls for foliage and greenery.  In our last decor blog, we discussed how bringing plants into the apartment can brighten the whole space.  It’s true–plants provide oxygen, relaxation, and a touch of nature.  But not all plants are suited for apartment life.  Some plants are better than others when it comes to thriving in an apartment environment.  To find out which ones they are, read on.

1. Cactus


Cacti are great indoor plants, especially if you have a home free of children or pets who could accidentally prick themselves.  They require very little water, and can be planted in just about anything.  This means you can focus on the decor aspect of cacti, making it a thriving decoration.


2. Weeping Fig


Looking for something a little bigger?  Weeping figs are potted plants that branch out with plenty of green leaves.  It only needs watering about once a week, and it thrives in sunny environments.  There’s enough green to make any room in the apartment feel like springtime has come in through your door!


3. Bamboo


Certain species of bamboo can grow in water, and will thrive in low-lighting.  The water only needs to be changed every 4-6 weeks.  They provide zen and comfort during the day, and can be twisted into many designs to fit whatever mood you’re going for.


4. Lavender


Instead of using an air freshener, try planting lavender near your windowsill.  Though this plant needs plenty of light, it also provides a beautiful aroma that will relax and comfort you throughout the day.  There’s no better way to add both color and soothing vibes.


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