What to Do When Your Apartment Closet Space is Limited


Feeling like you’re running out of closet space in your apartment? There’s a few easy workarounds!

Downsizing is a big trend these days. This is because, for many people, turning to minimalist ways of living means less stress in their lives—perhaps you’re opting to move into a smaller apartment, or an apartment without a closet, or maybe you’re even just moving into an apartment with your significant other, which cuts down on the available closet space for both of you. Getting rid of clothes is hard but not having enough closet space is equally frustrating. If you find yourself limited by how much closet space you have in your apartment, try giving these suggestions a shot.

Use a Screen

Standing screens are sometimes used to separate rooms in the event that you need a multipurpose space and this applies to creating a closet as well. Hiding a garment rack or wardrobe behind a decorate screen is a great way to prevent your extra storage from seeping out into the rest of a space, making your room look tidy without having to sacrifice space.

Ground Level Spaces

If you’ve seemingly run out of space in your apartment, try looking down. If you have a platform bed or even a bed with built-in storage, you may be able to store clothes beneath your bed in boxes or bins. This same principle applies to any other furniture you may have that has space beneath it, including tables or even sofas.

Repurposing Furniture

You may have an end-table that you’ve thrown a few possessions in but don’t use very often. Consider, instead, using it to store clothes. It’s not all that hard—take t-shirts, roll them up, and stuff them in there one-by-one. This keeps everything nice and tidy and makes it easy to organize your laundry every time you need to do a load and keep your clothes fresh.

Embrace the Clutter

At the end of the day, we all have different styles. If your clothes fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of your apartment, you may be able to get away with keeping them out in the open. Some higher-end clothes racks are actually meant to be displayed openly and, when paired with ornate or simple wood hangers, can really make your clothes look like an art piece.

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