Apartment Den vs. Bedroom: What Makes Them Different

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An apartment den is smaller than a bedroom, often ideal for hobby rooms.

When you’re searching for a new apartment, you will come across listings that include standard information such as the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. However, you will also see some apartment units that contain a den in addition to the living room and bathrooms. At the Apartments of Wildewood, we have a few models that come with a den. What makes an apartment den distinct from these other rooms in your home? Understanding the differences between a den and a bedroom can help you find your ideal apartment home and understand how to utilize these spaces. 

What Is an Apartment Bedroom?

A bedroom is designed for sleeping and must meet specific building codes for safety. For example, they typically have two exit points, including at least one door and window. Bedrooms also typically have closets or are attached to a walk-in closet, and bedrooms must meet minimum square footage requirements.

What Is an Apartment Den?

An apartment den is a smaller, more flexible space than a bedroom or living room. It serves as an extra room but doesn’t necessarily meet the requirements to be labeled a bedroom. Dens don’t always have closets or windows, which makes them less desirable for use as a primary sleeping area but highly versatile for other purposes. 

For instance, dens can be transformed into a home office, a children’s study area, or even a home theater space. Some people may use them as a guest room for temporary guests, adding a sofa bed to accommodate their visitors. Or, you may turn your den into a hobby room with all your painting, crafting, or reading supplies. 

How Is a Den Different From a Living Room?

Although they can serve as communal spaces within an apartment, a den and a living room are different. A living room is typically much larger and used for entertaining guests, watching television, or spending time with family. It’s one of the first rooms you enter in your apartment and can be decorated to make a good impression. Living rooms are designed to fit large furniture like sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. 

A den, however, is usually more versatile and casual. It doesn’t have the formal air of a living room and is used for more individualized activities like reading or working. Dens may not have large windows or elaborate decor but are often more functional and personalized to suit individual needs. 

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