4 Apartment Living Tips to Help You Be a Good Neighbor

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Remember these apartment tips for being a good neighbor and enjoying your new community.

Living with other people, even if they are not in your immediate physical space, can lead to challenges that require a little bit of patience and compassion. As an apartment resident, you can decide what community living experience you will have and set a great example by being a good neighbor. Here are some of our best apartment living tips to become the neighbor that you would want to live next to. 

Say Hello

It might sound silly, but there is a lot of power in simply saying hi to your neighbors when you see them and introducing yourself. Apartment living communities are the happiest and best places to live when everyone can look out for each other and be cordial when interacting. Additionally, introducing yourself is an easy way to help build trust in the apartment community. It’s much easier to find someone to watch your dog for the afternoon when you have people you trust and know living all around you.

Respect Property

Another simple apartment living tip to be a good neighbor is always to respect the property of other residents in the community itself. Clean up after yourself when using common spaces, like the pool, and always pick up if you drop something in the parking lot or a hallway. Make sure that any visitors you have also understand the need to respect your property, other residents’ property, and the community’s property.

Be Considerate Of Noise

It is unreasonable to never have a gathering of friends or family while you live in your apartment, so extend the same courtesy to others. If you are planning a gathering, give your neighbors a heads up and your phone number, so they can contact you if things are going on too late or too loudly. Proactively set an excellent example for apartment living by avoiding making too much noise during the work week, including playing loud music or doing noisy activities late at night.

Provide a Helping Hand

Finally, your apartment community is a great place to get help from others and give back yourself. One of our most valuable apartment living tips is always to give a helping hand to neighbors when they need it. Whether it is something small, like helping someone carry their groceries in, or something big, like helping them on their moving day, remember that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. 

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