How Can You Be a Better Apartment Neighbor?


Make your apartment complex a friendlier place by getting along with your neighbors in the best way possible.

For some renters, living in an apartment is an attractive option because you’re so close to your neighbors. You can meet a ton of new people and make some really meaningful relationships. That said, not everyone has the best relationship with their neighbor—plenty of people don’t even know theirs! If you have an interest, it’s always nice to reach out and at least let your neighbors know who you are. Trying to be a good apartment neighbor is an awesome way to make your community even better than it already is.

Respecting Boundaries

Before you do anything, be aware of your neighbor’s boundaries. Avoid trying to reach out to them at times you might be aware are inconvenient, for example: you don’t want to go knocking on their door the moment they get home from a long day of work. If you notice a pattern in their schedule, look for what times are spent on leisure for them and use that as an opportunity to introduce yourself. Drop by and say hello at a time you suspect they aren’t up to anything in particular, otherwise you may be violating some neighbor-friendly boundaries.

Try Targeted Small Talk

Small talk can often be difficult if you don’t have a good starting point. The nice part about your neighbors is that you already have a good starting point, your community. Strike up a conversation about an exciting new restaurant you recently visited or something going on in your town. This is an easy way to let them know that you’re involved in your community and it’s a fantastic place to start if you want to make some friends around your apartment.

Hosting Events in Your Apartment

If you’re going to have a few people over for a dinner party, it’s always nice to throw an invite out to the people who live near you. It’s also good to give them a heads up if there’s a chance the TV’s volume might creep up too loud. Keep it simple, casual, and fun, but always be respectful of your neighbors. If you’re living at the Apartments of Wildewood, consider taking advantage of our rentable clubhouse for any gatherings you may be having.

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