How You Can Customize Your Apartment Without Breaking the Rules


Customizing your apartment doesn’t have to be all that difficult. With just a few tricks, you can feel right at home.

The benefits of renting an apartment are numerous and range from not having to worry about regular maintenance to access to amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Nonetheless, one issue always stands out in the mind of renters—lack of being able to alter the space. You can’t just throw up a coat of paint or put some nails in a wall like you could if you owned your home. However, there are still a number of ways you can take control. Try out these tips for making your apartment feel like a representation of you without breaking any parts of your lease.

Rug Consideration

If your apartment is carpeted or has hardwood floors, there may be little you can do to change that. One option is to think about throwing down some decorative rugs. This is a fantastic, easy way of changing the dynamic of your space without having to commit to anything. One big benefit: you can always shuffle rugs around to bring new life to old spaces and, when you move, you get to take them with you.

Adding Some Art

Maybe you’re unhappy with the color of your walls but are unable to paint over it. The easiest solution is to add a little life to distract from that color you don’t love—after all, who’s going to notice what color your walls are painted if they’re covered in beautiful, custom artwork? Look into the number of products on there that allow for safe hanging of any pieces you want to display. Just remember to find something that won’t damage your apartment walls.

Take Advantage of Plants

Bring the outdoors in with a few simple plants around your apartment. They can really make a space feel much more lived in and comfortable, but beyond that, they can also help clean up your air and lend to a refreshing feeling. Don’t just stop at customizing what plants you get, however, as there are a number of customizable vases and containers that

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