How Can You Make Your Apartment Bathroom Feel Like a Spa?


There are a lot of ways you can make your apartment more comfortable and that includes turning your bathroom into a spa experience.

As an apartment renter, you’re going to be happy with your bathroom space no matter what. Not having to worry about maintenance and having a wonderful area to call your own are just some of the many benefits of renting. Still, there’s always a bit more that can be done to make your home feel luxurious and make sure it’s the kind of place you want to come home to after a long day of work or other stressful activities. To get the most out of your apartment bathroom, follow these tips to give the space a spa-like feeling.

The Right Towels

An easy way to make your bathroom feel much more luxurious is to invest in the right towels. Large, fluffy bath towels will make you feel like you’re really nestled in and comfortable in your bathroom. Beyond just purchasing the right towels, you can also think about arrangement. A stylish look is to hang a bath towel over your bar, followed by a hand towel, and lastly with a washcloth on top. This offers a unique—but stylish, lush—look.

Considering Aroma

If you tend to take a lot of baths, adding a few candles is a great way to make the whole experience much more relaxing. You won’t always have the time to use candles though so you might want to also invest in a diffuser. This will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean without you having to maintain a lit candle. As far as scents, lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood are all amazing options that work for either a candle or a diffuser.

Using Bath Products as Decoration

Fancy bath products aren’t only functional and great for encouraging relaxation but they also offer some decorative use as well. Take some brightly colored bath bombs and place them in a nice porcelain bowl and it may cause your space to look much more prepared to be an area of relaxation. Similarly, fill a decorative jar with bath salts and it can add a great aesthetic flare to your apartment bathroom.

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