Cat Proofing Your Apartment

Cat Proofing Your ApartmentLast week we talked about how to make your apartment more comfortable and safer for your dogs. This week we’re going to address the cat owners of our community. At Wildewood you are allowed two cats per unit, so don’t be afraid to bring one home. Just make sure you get your little furry friend registered with the leasing office or you can get into some trouble. So, let’s say you’ve already brought home a fluffy little kitty. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can cat proof your apartment. It will be benefit you and your kitty, so let’s get started!

Don’t Declaw!

It may seem like a good way to keep your cat from clawing up the furniture or curtains in your home, but declawing a cat is unkind. Think of a cat’s claws as the tips of their fingers. They need them for navigating the world around them as well as to remain properly balanced. Sometimes, in the case of medical emergency, it is necessary to remove the claws of a cat. However, 9 times out of 10 it creates more problems than it solves. It’s much better to simply work with your cat’s claws rather than remove them. There are a ton of products on the market that can work to deter a cat from scratching up furniture or other treasured fabric pieces. You can get vinyl claw caps that can be applied after a trim of your cat’s claws. These little caps will last about a month and they will keep your cat from destroying anything. If your cat is still in its youth, then you may be able to train it to use a scratching post. This really only works with kittens though.

Snuggle Spots!

Cats love to curl up in sunny spots that allow them to lounge undisturbed. If you have children who either live in the apartment or come to visit, then you may want to find a place for a cat bed that is far out of their reach. If you have the space, then you might want to give the cat something to play on. A large carpet jungle gym will work very nicely. You can buy one or just purchase one at the store. By giving your cat their own playground, you might also deter them from scratching up furniture. Keeping your kitty happy is essential in keeping your furniture safe. So, make sure your cat has safe spaces to relax in so that they don’t get restless and go to town on your precious fabrics. Blonde amateur teen toilet pussy ass hidden spy cam Live Sex chat without registration in their chat rooms naked 18 year old girls porn show erotic sex shows online 24.

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