6 Energy-Saving Apartment Living Tips

apartments of wildewood energy-saving apartment living

Adjusting your thermostat during optimal times is just one energy-saving apartment living tip.

Many renters today are concerned about the impact of their lifestyles on the environment. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to save energy and use resources wisely, whether you’re living in an apartment or a traditional house. Here are some of our best energy-saving apartment living tips. 

Turn the Thermostat Down at Bedtime

Did you know that you can save an average of 10% on your energy bills by changing the thermostat by 7-10 degrees for just 8 hours while you’re out of the house or sleeping? In the early fall and late winter, you can also often get away with leaving the air conditioner and heating off entirely for even more significant energy savings.   

Swap Your Lightbulbs

The proper light bulbs can provide you with the light you need without using energy you don’t need to consume. Consider swapping your current incandescent bulbs with cost-efficient and energy-saving LEDs. LED light bulbs are great for apartment living, as they cost less than half of comparable bulbs in terms of energy usage. 

Check Weatherstripping

The windows and doors are two places where any living space loses the most warmth. When you let drafts come inside, your HVAC system must overcompensate to keep you comfortable. Weatherstripping helps keep the air from leaving or entering your home through gaps in the windows or doors, and checking it once a year is a great annual apartment living tip. 

Keep Vents Clear

Do you have sofas, tables, or other furniture blocking or partially obstructing vents around your apartment? This can stop air from circulating correctly and lead to wasted energy, as your heating and cooling system will work harder to reach your desired temperature. 

Stop Energy Vampires

Some things in your apartment use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Power strips, phone chargers, and other electronics will still draw energy even if you aren’t using them. Get in the habit of unplugging corded appliances and chargers when you are not actively using them, and you might be surprised to see how much you save in a year of apartment living! 

Don’t Rinse Before You Load the Dishwasher

Dishwashers are incredibly efficient marvels for apartment living, and they don’t need much help to get the job done. Hand washing your dishes uses a lot of excess water, while dishwashers use every drop efficiently. Save time at the end of dinner and load your dishwasher without hand-washing the dishes first! 

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