Extended Vacation Planning: How to Prep Your Apartment

apartments of wildewood extended vacation planning

While planning for your extended vacation, be sure to prep your apartment for your time away.

If you plan an extended vacation this winter, it can be the perfect chance to enjoy time off work and school around the holidays. However, if you are planning to be away from your apartment for a significant amount of time – even just a week or two – there are several things you should do to prepare your apartment for your absence. These tips will help you enjoy a more stress-free vacation and ensure that you return to a clean, refreshing apartment without worrying about unnecessary expenses. Before your next vacation, remember these tips for preparing your Apartments of Wildewood home. 

Notify Others

If you ask a neighbor or friend to check in on your place, feed your cats, or water your plants, leave them with all the information they need. This includes a key to your home, relevant feeding and watering instructions, contact information, and vacation dates. You may even leave them the number of the place you are staying so they have multiple ways to reach you. Before you go on an extended vacation, it’s always good to leave your contact information and travel details with someone you trust in case of emergencies. 

Make a Plan for Pets or Plants

If you have pets or plants that must be cared for while you are away, plan to find a reliable person who can take care of these for you. If you leave your pet with someone, give them all emergency numbers for pet care and clear instructions on feeding and walking schedules. You might also choose to use a pet kennel, but if you do so, be sure to search for one well ahead of time so you can find a facility you feel comfortable using. 

Turn Off the Thermostat 

Leaving your thermostat on its regular setting while no one is home wastes your apartment’s energy. Before you leave for your extended vacation, shut off the thermostat or set it to a very low setting so you can cut back on your energy expenses. 

Unplug Small Appliances

Unplug your small appliances before you leave as an extra security measure (and a way to avoid unnecessary utility costs). There are many smaller items you can unplug quickly and safely. This includes coffee machines or electric kettles, toasters, desk fans, record players or radios, and desk lamps. You may also unplug or turn off your home entertainment systems (including TVs and Blu-Ray players) that may be plugged into an outlet or on a power strip. 

Clean Out Your Fridge

Check your fridge for perishable items. If you have items in there that will go bad while you are away, use these items or remove them before you leave. You don’t want to return to smelly, gross refrigerators after your serene vacation! 

Take Out the Trash 

Apartment residents should take out their trash before leaving for an extended vacation so items don’t develop a lingering smell in their homes. You can gather your trash as the final step before you hop in your car or taxi to leave for your trip. 

Pause Your Mail 

If you will be gone for a while and regularly receive lots of mail, it may be best to pause your delivery. Unless you have someone apartment-sitting or checking in while you’re gone, your apartment mailbox can quickly get crowded without anyone to pick up items. You can pause or forward your mail by contacting USPS. 

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