Fire Safety for Your Apartment Part Two: How To Prepare

fire safetyLast week, we discussed the importance of prevention in fire safety. We stressed that preventing a fire is the best way to make sure your property isn’t damaged and that your family isn’t hurt. But even following the safest prevention practices, there’s still a chance that your apartment building could catch fire. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, if a fire does start you want to make sure you’re ready and can protect your family.  To prepare you need to make sure you have the right supplies, a plan, and practice your escape plans.


Certain supplies are helpful for being prepared in case of a fire. A small fire extinguisher or fire blanket can prevent small fires from becoming larger fires, or can help you and your family escape in the event an exit is blocked by fire. Make sure you’re familiar with how to use it, and keep in mind that fire extinguishers have expiration dates. Smoke detectors are essential for your apartment, and you should have one in every bedroom of your apartment, if you don’t already. Make sure the batteries are replaced regularly, and occasionally test your fire alarm. Finally, in the desperate situation that your apartment’s front door is blocked you can buy a rope ladder that can be hung out your window and your family can climb down one by one.


Having an escape plan for fire is the single most important part of preparing for a fire. During a fire there is not time to stop and think, you need to know your buildings layout in advance, have a plan to get to the nearest exit, and know alternate routes incase your first route is blocked. Keep in mind that in a fire, you’ll want to stay low so that you don’t inhale too much smoke. If you can, get floor plans from your building manager, or if you’re the artistic type, draw them yourself. Use them to draw out the quickest escape routes and make sure your family knows them. Make sure you include a meeting place outside incase you get separated. That way if you get separated and get outside you can quickly find each other, and alert the fire department when they arrive about anyone missing.


Take opportunities to practice your escape plans with your family. If you don’t practice all of your planning is meaningless and you might do the worst possible thing you can do in a fire, panic. Rehearsing your escape plans as a family makes sure everyone knows what to do, and can help you and your children remain calm in the event of an actual fire.

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