How Some Apartment Amenities Have Changed Due to Covid-19

How Some Apartment Amenities Have Changed Due to Covid-19

Many apartment owners are looking for safe ways and solutions to ensure that their tenants and occupants are safe living on the premises.

The truth is that many apartment amenities have changed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and that will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The pandemic shows no signs of slowing down for now. There is no denying that adjustments have had to be made for the apartment and the housing industry. The reality is that virtual apartment tour showings and frequent touching of high-touch surfaces aren’t enough to make the everyday world a less contagious space. Many apartment owners are looking for safe ways and solutions to ensure that their tenants and occupants are safe living on the premises. Read on to learn what a few apartment owners are changing with their amenities due to Covid-19.

Changes Within Apartment Gathering Places

One of the first things that many property managers and landlords did during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic is to turn gathering places into multi-purpose spaces that people could be in and socially distance safely. Lounges, lobbies, or other areas are now being repurposed for remote work or homeschooling.

Converting Clubhouses into Co-Working Spaces

Similarly, clubhouses or game rooms are also being converted into much more practical spaces for residents who are now basically homebound for the next few months. Moreover, outdoor spaces have been heavily used during the fall and summer, as CDC guidelines have indicated that being outside is less of a risk for your health. Since it is cold outside now, management teams in Maryland are looking into outdoor heaters and enclosures that will allow residents to socialize safely while still being in a comparable outdoor setting.

Improved Ventilation and Ionization Systems

In addition to brand new spacing requirements, landlords have found some creative and unique ways to increase ventilation throughout their townhouse apartment buildings. In fact, most have gone as far as to invest in hospital-grade ventilation systems to pump in clean air.

Fewer Touch Surfaces and More Frequent Cleaning

If you wish to walk into an apartment building or complex these days, you’ll notice that there are fewer touch surfaces too, which means there are more key fobs to unlock lobby doors, motion-triggered faucets, and some automated toilets. High-touch areas that can’t be motion-triggered are required to be cleaned every hour or so, or there are automated mists that can disinfect small and poorly-ventilated spots.

Fitness Rooms at Half-Capacity

Most apartment communities have some variation of a fitness room, and many communities are imposing half-capacity rules for these rooms. This is another good way to prevent overcrowding in areas with shared equipment.

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