How to Best Take Care of Apartment Trash and Recycling


What should you do with your trash and recycling? Here are some tips to make sure your apartment is clean and organized.

Once you move into an apartment, you’re likely going to want to figure out what the situation regarding trash and recycling is as soon as you can. This is because every residency always ends up having different rules, so knowing what to do with your garbage can be a bit tricky. Proper management of apartment trash and recycling is important in keeping your space clean as well as communal spaces that neighbors use as well. The good news is that we here at The Apartments of Wildewood have some tips on keeping your apartment and the areas around it free of trash and recycling. 

Where Should You Put Bins?

Whenever one moves into a new apartment, you’re going to need to decide how many trash bins you’ll actually need and where you should put them. Most people opt for a larger trash can in their kitchen, as this is where you create the most messes and it’s nice to have a place for all of your food scraps. For your large, central trash can, you’re going to want to use heavy-duty trash bags that won’t rip. Kitchen trash cans should always have a lid so that you can prevent odors from building up. In other rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms, smaller trash cans are suitable. Sometimes people don’t even put liners in these kinds of cans, but if you do, a simple plastic bag often is adequate enough.

What Can or Can’t Be Recycled?

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a bit of rules regarding what you can and can’t recycle. Making a mistake can ruin an entire batch of recyclables so it’s important that you know what those rules are. Recycling is important and if you’ve got the option to do so, you always should!

Something like styrofoam may seem recyclable at face value, though it’s not biodegradable and must be disposed of in a specific way. Bubble wrap is another material that might seem like it should be recycled but can’t be. Grocery bags are similar and take hundreds of years to get rid of, so you may want to choose paper bags instead of plastic when at the grocery store. Items that are always a safe bet to be recycled include paper like newspapers or magazines, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic bottles, and anything that’s specifically marked as recyclable.

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