How to Connect with Apartment Neighbors

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Take time to connect with your apartment neighbors and build community in your building.

If you live alone, apartment living can feel isolating. Some people prefer going on about their daily routine and enjoy their privacy. However, others prefer building a connection with their neighbors versus only saying “hello” as they pass them in the hallway, at the community fitness center, or in other communal areas. 

Additionally, if you’re moving to a new area, it’s nice to make friends who can tell you about the best places to shop, what the school systems are like or other things you might find relevant. Here are some best ways to connect with apartment neighbors or even become friends. 

Leave a Welcoming Note on a Neighbor’s Door

This idea allows people to come to you. You can leave a note on a neighbor’s door telling them to stop by your place. The message could be simple: “Just moved in, and I stopped by to say hi.” This idea will create a friendly culture and give apartment neighbors the encouragement they need to connect with people. 

Host an Apartment Warming Party 

Of course, you should invite your friends and family to an apartment warming party. However, if you’ve seen a friendly neighbor or two you’d like to connect with, you can invite them too. 

Join a Community Facebook Page 

Some apartment and townhome communities have community Facebook pages where their residents make announcements or post questions or concerns they might have. If there isn’t one, you can join neighborhood groups. At least one of your apartment neighbors is likely a part of those groups. For some people, it’s easier to strike up an online conversation. 

Chit-Chat in the Hallway

Sometimes small talk can open the door to new friendships. Typically, that’s how children form friendships, but it also applies to adults. If you’re unsure how to initiate a conversation, you can always ask questions about the building and let them know you’re a new resident. If you feel well-informed about the building, compliments almost always work. Most people respond well to a compliment. 

Use the Apartment Amenities 

At Apartments of Wildewood, we have two sparkling pools, a community fitness center, and a covered picnic pavilion with barbecue grills. Visiting these communal areas is an excellent way to get out of the apartment, get fit, get some vitamin D, and talk with fellow residents. 

Walk Your Dog

Pet owners typically connect automatically with other pet owners because they share a common interest. As you walk your canine companion, pay attention to who else has a dog and start a conversation. It’s also a fun idea to set up pet play dates. 

Be Helpful

Offer a helping hand if you see a neighbor struggling to carry groceries up the steps or if they need to borrow something. The gesture of goodwill goes a long way when trying to make friends. 

Even if you’re not trying to connect with apartment neighbors, it’s still a good idea to be kind to one another. It’s best to encourage a friendly environment that can enhance apartment living

Contact Apartments of Wildewood today if you’re looking for a friendly, warm, and inviting place to live. 

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