How to Cope with Social Distancing in Your Apartment

How to Cope with Social Distancing in Your Apartment

How can we all deal with the stress, boredom, and isolation, to make the most of this break?

We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic due to the Coronavirus. So we’ve been ordered to stay home. With the news of all non-essential businesses closing in Maryland this week, there is even less reason for leaving your apartment. Now we must practice social distancing the right way to fight back against the spread of the deadly virus. Social distancing is hard, and it is changing everything from how we do business and how we interact with one another. So, how can we all deal with the stress, boredom, and isolation, to make the most of this break? Here are some tips for how to spend your free time inside your apartment.

Establish Some New Routines

People need structure and things to look forward to. One way to do that is by occupying your massive amounts of new-found tree time with a routine. Set what time you wake up, sit down for work, and make sure to take breaks for coffee and lunch. Shower and get dressed up just like you would for work. It might be tempting to stay in bed and lounge around in your apartment all day, but that will inevitably add to your feelings of stress and isolation. Its also recommended watching some television shows, movies, and chatting with neighbors and friends once you’re off your work schedule.

Become Active

Now is an excellent time to engage in activities that you enjoy, like art, music, gaming, baking, or painting. It is also very important to make sure you’re getting plenty of exercise. Although your apartment fitness center may be closed, there is plenty that you can do to get into a solid fitness routine. You could make up your own exercise routine based on the equipment or furniture you have available, or follow some guides on Netflix or YouTube. Whether you like cardio, lifting, or yoga, there are plenty of exercises you can do inside your apartment.

Focus on Your Family

It is recommended to coming up with some communal activities if you live with your family. Think about reading some books, learning and teaching how to cook certain dishes, watching movies or shows as a family, playing board games, or making plans on what you’ll all do together once the pandemic is over. Your family is your top priority during times like this, make sure they’re all okay in your apartment during these trying times.

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