How to Deal with a Loud or Pesky Apartment Neighbor

How to Deal with a Loud or Pesky Apartment Neighbor

If you find yourself bothered by loud or excessive sounds from your pesky apartment neighbor, you might be unsure about what to do.

While apartments, especially townhouse apartments, are convenient and cozy, they require people to live close to each other. Unfortunately, this means that the sounds from one apartment may travel from one to another. If you find yourself bothered by loud or excessive sounds from your pesky apartment neighbor, you could be unsure about what you should do. The very best way to deal with an obnoxious and loud neighbor is to be honest and respectful. The next couple of methods will help you talk about your experience to your neighbors and hopefully help both of you find an easy solution that will allow you both to live in harmony. Read on to learn just how you should handle a pesky and loud apartment neighbor!

Live and Lead by Example

Before you begin to accuse your apartment neighbors of being rude, make sure to consider your habits that could be bothering them. Since plenty of us are still staying home from the pandemic, we have had more time to notice things that could be bothering us. Do you hit snooze your alarm until your dog barks? Do you have any intense debates and conversations with your family or roommates? Do you ever sing along to music quite loudly? Your neighbor might be noisy since they’re trying to drown out the noise you’re making. Either way, figuring out your flaws as an apartment neighbor will help you approach your neighbors with a better and more understanding mind.

Write a Respectful Note

Verbal communication is typically recommended before written communication, as people are usually more understanding and willing to work out a real solution while discussing the problem face-to-face. However, if, for some reason, you don’t feel like discussing with your neighbor about their behavior, you could write them a note. Make sure your letter is worded quite carefully so as not to seem petty, passive-aggressive, or vague. Communicate openly and honestly about what the issue is and what you’d like to work out.

Get in Touch with Your Apartment Office

If everything else does fail, you may have to head down to your apartment office to talk with your landlord or community manager. You may be a little hesitant to do this, but remember you’re paying rent just like your neighbor for the right to be comfortable inside your house. You can work out a solution with your apartment office, so do not hesitate to get some help.

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