How to Know When to Upgrade to a Two-Bedroom Apartment

apartments of wildewood two-bedroom apartment

If you don’t have more space to store your valuables, an extra bedroom serves as the storage space you need.

Studio and one-bedroom apartments can offer a lot of comfort and coziness. However, it might be time to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment if you’re starting to feel like you’re living in tight quarters. Also, depending on lifestyle changes, a two-bedroom apartment might be the better option. Here are four clear signs that you should upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment. 

A Two-Bedroom Apartment is Better for a Growing Family

When it’s only you living in an apartment, you might have jumped for joy at all the space and privacy you had. However, if you’ve met that special someone, and have a baby on the way, then a two-bedroom apartment is a must because your little one will need a room where they can grow and play. You’ll also need storage for toys, books, and clothes. 

If You Work from Home

Many companies see the benefit of allowing employees to work remotely even after 2020. If you have that work arrangement, it’s best to have a home office designated for your workday. You’ll find that it will be less challenging to focus, meet deadlines, and complete projects. You’ll also need space for your computer and monitors, printer, desk, and file cabinet, depending on your job. 

If People Sleep Over

When relatives come into town for the holidays or your friends decide that they don’t want to go home after a cozy apartment gathering, having an extra bedroom comes in handy. If you have a spare room, your family won’t have to spend money on a hotel, and you can enjoy the company of friends a little longer. Adding a comfortable bed can turn this space into a guest room. 

If You Need More Storage Space 

If you don’t have more space to store your valuables, an extra bedroom serves as the storage space you need. You won’t have to consider paying monthly fees to store items. You could also keep your affordable, one-bedroom apartment and utilize our on-site storage rentals. It all depends on your needs and what’s most cost-effective. 

You might also be that person that appreciates large sectionals. If that’s the case, a two-bedroom apartment would be the better option to serve your style and decorating needs


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