How to Prevent Apartment Damage When you Own a Pet

How to Prevent Apartment Damage When you Own a Pet

As a pet owner, it’s hard not to love your canine companion or feline friend. Still, you want to be aware of apartment damage. Read on to learn more.

Pets are undeniably precious, giving pet owners purpose, and many studies link pet ownership to health benefits. A puppy in the teething phase loves biting anything and everything. As a pet owner, it’s hard not to love your canine companion or feline friend. Still, you want to be aware of apartment damage. 

  • Stain carpets
  • Scratch floors
  • Chew or play with blinds
  • Damage walls, door frames, and furniture
  • Shed
  • Have accidents 

We’re sure that you want your security deposit back. Here is how to prevent apartment damage when you own a pet. 

Walk Your Doggo

This tip might seem obvious. After all, walking your dog is essential to being a pet owner. However, a dog causing a lot of commotion in your apartment is a sign that they probably need more exercise. Take every chance you get to bond with your doggo and tire them with a long walk. You’ll probably appreciate the exercise and fresh air as well. 

Regularly Clean Out Your Cat’s Litter Box

It’s best to scoop your feline friend’s litter box at least once daily (and more if necessary). Also, replace the litter box and wash it with soap and water weekly. You can use vinegar and water as well. It would be best not to clean with bleach or ammonia as they can interact with your cat’s waste. Ensure that you wash your sifting tool as well. 

Trim Your Pet’s Claws

It’s best to keep a pet’s claws trimmed. You or the vet can do this. Cats innately scratch things. Therefore, a post or pad will deter them from your new couch or doorframe. 

Clean up Accidents Immediately

It’s best to clean up accidents as soon as you discover them if your pet is prone to having accidents while you’re not home. An immediate cleanup process will prevent stains and odors from settling. Keep floor and carpet cleaners within reach, ensuring you use cleaners appropriate for whatever flooring you’re cleaning. 

Use Repellant Spray

Dogs often chew when they’re going through their teething phase or bored. Ensure you leave nothing around a puppy like your favorite shoes, electrical wires, or virtually anything but their toys, food, and water. A chewing-deterrent spray can deter dogs from causing permanent apartment damage. 

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Being a responsible pet owner means your pet has everything they need like food, water, exercise, and attention. Your pet will be more likely to be well-adjusted and well-behaved if they have everything they need. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, crate training is helpful to ensure that your pet doesn’t experience emotions that trigger them to damage the apartment. 

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