How to Properly Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

How to Properly Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Decorating your apartment for this time of year takes a little bit more thought and care compared to any other holiday.

We are now in December, and it is officially the holiday season. This means that it’s the perfect time for you to start decorating your apartment! Decorating your apartment for this time of year takes a little bit more thought and care compared to any other holiday, as you’ve got limited space and likely share your living space with a roommate. Continue reading for a couple of tips on how you could decorate your apartment for the holidays, no matter the size of your living space!

Christmas Trees

For those who celebrate Christmas, you know just how much space a tree can take up in your living room, and you might have a limited amount of space in your small apartment. While you might not be able to chop down a fully grown tree and take it back to your apartment, there are various other options. Look for stores that sell smaller Christmas trees that are much easier to fit into your living space, or go with a fake tree. Fake Christmas trees can look very real, especially when decorating with lights and ornaments. To get that real tree smell, buy a pine-scented candle to fill up your entire apartment with holiday scents.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Purchasing presents for your loved ones is a great way to show them your appreciation, but it also means you will be spending more money this month. To avoid spending too much money during the holidays, remember that you do not have to always buy decorations, you could make them yourself! Have a fun DIY night with your family or neighbors with some simple crafts that you might already have. For example, a snow globe mason jar is the perfect festive decoration piece and only uses glue, glitter, and a jaw. Consider building a wreath by attaching a loop of floral wire around a Styrofoam wreath ring with hot glue bows to the ring, and then hang onto your door.


Lights are one of the very best ways to transform your townhouse apartment into a cozy and festive spot for the holidays. Consider using string lights in your living room to add a bit of holiday cheer or twinkling lights for a beautiful holiday effect. If you’ve got an outdoor area or are able to decorate your windows from the very outside, line up your windows with silver, white, or colorful lights. If you cannot decorate from the outside, consider placing a candle on your windowsill. It has a very similar effect. Make sure to use fake candles, too, so you don’t have a fire accident in your apartment.

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