How to Scare Away Porch Pirates from Your Townhouse Apartment

How to Scare Away Porch Pirates from Your Townhouse Apartment

Due to the uptick in deliveries, thieves, or otherwise known as porch pirates, are targeting neighborhoods everywhere.

Within the last couple of years, billions of packages have been shipped and delivered in the United States alone. You read that correctly, billions of parcels. What is even more relevant is that United States consumers are expected to keep spending billions of dollars on eCommerce within the next couple of years. These days it is easy to have just about anything dropped off right on your porch near your townhouse apartment door. With the COVID pandemic still ongoing, there hasn’t been a hotter time for online ordering. Due to the uptick in deliveries, thieves, or otherwise known as porch pirates, are targeting neighborhoods all over the country in search of valuables. It is a big issue now, and you have to educate yourself about them, especially with the holiday season rapidly approaching. Read on for a couple of simple tips to help you scare away porch pirates from your townhouse apartment.

Ask for Signatures or Add Instructions for the Delivery Driver

Depending on the value of whichever package was shipped to your apartment, a lot of online shopping sites will typically require a signature. However, even if they don’t (many don’t), you still can. Whenever possible, make signatures a requirement so packages don’t sit around – making it tempting for a porch pirate to steal it in plain view. Typically, you will also have the choice to leave delivery instructions so you could hide them somewhere around your townhouse apartment. Thieves are less likely to steal it if they don’t know where it is at all.

Have Packages Delivered to Your Neighbors or Office

If you work an office job and your boss is pretty lax, you could have any packages right to you at work instead of having them sit around outside your apartment all day. Another option is requesting to have your packages delivered to your apartment’s lobby. That way, you know it is in good hands with landlords and other apartment employees. You could also have any packages dropped off to your roommates, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Just remember to ask them if it is okay before.

Install Security Cameras and Anti-Theft Devices

Seeing cameras installed outside of your apartment might be enough to deter a would-be thief. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have video footage of what happened. A lot of companies now offer products explicitly designed to protect any packages that are left outside your door. For simple bags that you could latch to your front door to complex locks, there are many options to choose from.

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