How to Switch Gears From Summer to Fall Within Your Apartment


Seasonal changes can impact how you decorate and use your apartment so make sure you transition into fall smoothly!

Fall is upon us and as the seasons switch gears, so should you! That often means making sure your apartment is in line with the current season. Seasonal shifts are a good way to rethink what you’re doing and get back on track with your life. Making your apartment autumn-ready isn’t all that difficult and be an incredibly rewarding experience, so if you’re trying to make the transition from summer to fall, try these tips!

Do a Deep Clean

We all know just how important spring cleaning is but placing all your eggs in one basket and doing a single deep clean a year just isn’t enough. Cleaning between the seasons, especially before the winter rolls around, is always a good idea. Take some time to get each room of your apartment sparkling clean and move into the new season on a high note.

Use Fall Colors

Incorporating some fall colors into your apartment decor can help you move right into autumn and feel much better about it. You can do this on a budget by purchasing smaller items, like pillows and pillow cases, blankets and throws, or even just smaller decorative pieces to put on shelves that all take advantage of darker, earthier tones like dark greens, faded yellows, and browns. Swapping out your decorations depending on the season helps keep you in the right headspace. 

Bring in Light

Once fall really sets in, you’re going to have less available natural lighting. If you aren’t able to let natural light fill your room as usual, you may need to look into some extra lighting to get the job done. Adding small lamps and lanterns to dining room tables or bedside tables can give you that extra bit of control over just how much lighting you have, though candles can also be a great way to add some soft, comforting lighting that isn’t too harsh on the eyes.

Add a Natural Touch

Find some element of nature and bring it indoors with you. Plants can help add an aesthetic touch but also do good for your mental health and improve your general well-being. Other fall staples that can be placed on your table include pumpkins, gourds, and apples, whether real or not. 

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