Is a First-Floor Apartment Right for You?

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Is a first-floor apartment right for you? Learn more about the benefits of this apartment option.

When you start apartment hunting, there are countless factors to consider. You need to consider everything from your budget to your apartment’s proximity to work, schools, stores, and more. As you narrow down your choices, you may also have to consider whether you want to live in a first-floor apartment or something higher up. This decision ultimately depends on personal preference, but if you have not lived in a first-floor apartment before, you may be curious about the benefits. At The Apartments of Wildewood, we can advise you on the pros of first-floor apartment living and whether it may be a good fit for you.

Easy Accessibility

One of the best parts of living in a first-floor apartment is the accessibility. Fewer steps are required to get into your home, and you do not need to manage many steps or elevator trips to move your boxes and furniture inside. Living on the first floor may be best if you or someone in your family has mobility issues. You won’t have to rely on elevator service or contend with the physical aches and pains that may result from frequent stair climbing. 

Prices May Be Lower

You may opt to live in a first-floor apartment because the rent may be slightly lower than in upper-level apartments. This is because the first-floor units don’t have the views that upper-level units have, but if you do not care about that and are more concerned with living in your chosen apartment community and neighborhood, this can be a great way to stay within budget. 

Child Friendly 

First-level apartments can be appealing for families with small children. If your kids are still in strollers and carriers, you won’t have to worry about dragging these items up or down stairs or carrying a heavy diaper bag. You can take your kids outside quickly without the hassle of getting everyone down the steps or to the elevator. Your children can also run around more freely in your first-floor apartment because you know they won’t bother any resident below you. 

Outdoor Access

One of the perks of living on the first floor is that you can enjoy some green space right outside of your apartment. Instead of being confined to a balcony or deck like upper-level apartments, your first-floor apartment opens into a small grassy garden. Your kids or pets enjoy having easy access to your own space of backyard peace. 

Cooler Temperatures

You can enjoy a cooler apartment in the summer without relying on cranked-up air conditioning. Heat rises, which means that the lower levels of an apartment building tend to be a few degrees cooler. You will appreciate the natural coolness of your apartment during those hot summer days. 

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