The Many Benefits of a Washer and Dryer in Your Apartment

washer and dyer

A washer and dryer in your apartment can provide you with several benefits, and once you experience them, you won’t ever want to give them up.

At the Apartments of Wildewood, one of our many amenities is a full-sized washer and dryer.  It’s obvious that this is a desirable trait in many apartments, but many believe that these appliances are not a necessity.  However, living in apartment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing what you would have in a single family home.  A washer and dryer in your apartment can provide you with several benefits, and once you experience them, you won’t ever want to give them up.  Read on to see why a washer and dryer in-unit is the best way to function in an apartment.

It Saves Money


Most people need to do their laundry more than once a month.  This is especially true for families, and the Apartments of Wildewood are extremely family friendly.  So, how much will it cost you to travel to the laundromat every time you want to wash your clothes?  It’s easy to try and justify the cost of a laundromat–but, contrary to common belief, a washer and dryer do not take up that much space on your energy bill.  The absolute highest percentage of your energy bill will almost always be due to your thermostat; a washer and dryer in your apartment will actually save you more money, because using the laundromat will cost you a few bucks each trip–not counting travel!




Let’s say you throw your clothes in the washer, and then, you need to dash out to run a few errands.  You know that, by the time you come home, your washer’s cycle will have been finished for over an hour.  In a laundromat, you would have to be constantly watching your clothing, waiting in the facility and wasting your day away.  But with your own washer available, it’s easy to complete other tasks on your own time.  




More than likely, you’ll have more than one load to wash.  With a washer and dryer in your apartment, this isn’t an issue–simply throw in the next load when you’re ready to.  But with a laundromat, you’re spending another few dollars just to wash your darks–and this might be just a few articles of clothing.  There’s no doubt that your apartment washer/dryer combo wins this round. Koučingas (Coaching): individualus konsultavimas ir koučingo mokymai


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