New Year’s Resolution Goals to Strive For in Your Apartment

new year's resolutions

It’s officially 2017! Now that we’re here, you’re probably making a few New Year’s resolutions you plan to follow for the rest of the year.

It’s officially 2017!  Now that we’re here, you’re probably making a few New Year’s resolutions you plan to follow for the rest of the year.  But do any of these resolutions relate to your apartment and its upkeep?  Not every resolution listed below has to be something that keeps your apartment maintained; some of them are purely to keep it looking new and beautiful, and some are to help you become more efficient while living in an apartment.  For a few apartment-related New Year’s resolution ideas, read on!

1. Make a gallery wall.


Gallery walls are becoming more and more popular, and are one of the biggest trends in interior design, these days.  Creating your own gallery wall can give your apartment that extra boost of creativity and originality you’ve been working towards.  Find a large area of empty space on your wall and get some cheap frames from a department store.  It’s that easy!  Beautiful prints can even be done at places like Walmart and Walgreens for affordable prices.


2. Buy a new mattress.


Comfort is an important factor in making your apartment feel homey and welcoming.  Climbing into a tattered, old mattress every night will make you stressed and sore.  A new mattress may be an investment, but think about it; you use your bed every single night, and it’s an important part of your health.  That’s right!  Without a good mattress, your general wellness can suffer, due to sores and restless nights.


3. Deep-clean your kitchen and bathroom.


These are two areas of the house that see the most activity, and thus, they garner the most germs.  Keep yourself healthy; deep-cleaning these rooms is the best way to prevent the growth of bacteria.  You should be regularly cleaning them, but a regular deep-clean is going to help you start the year with a clean slate–literally!  Invest in more expensive cleaning equipment, and it will help you get the job done. Pigiausios autodalys, detalės internetu Vilniuje, Šiauliuose


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