New Year’s Resolutions for Apartment Residents

apartments of wildewood new year's resolutions for apartment residents

A few New Year’s resolutions for apartment residents may include making time for your mental health and using the fitness center.

A brand new year is here, and time flies. We encourage you to make the most out of 2023. As an apartment renter, you can make 2023 all about being more productive, organized, and less stressful with a few subtle changes. Get proactive about making 2023 a fantastic year by checking out these New Year’s resolutions for apartment renters. 

Wash Your Dishes Immediately After Eating 

This New Year’s resolution might sound silly. However, it’s effective because it’s an effort to keep your apartment cleaner. Dishes can become invisible after we sit them in the sink. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that they need to soak for more than a few moments. 

Moreover, the Apartments of Wildewood include a dishwasher in every apartment unit. All it takes is placing your dishes and the dishwashing tablet in the dishwasher. Therefore, it’s even easier and more convenient to wash your dishes. 

Plan Your Chores

If you lead a busy schedule, doing chores can feel arduous. It can be hard to do tasks when you don’t schedule them. We suggest setting aside a specific day every week. If you want to make the chores even more fun, consider playing music, listening to an audiobook, or whatever you have to do to ensure your chores don’t feel like chores. 

Throw Away Expired Items

It’s the perfect time to throw out expired food. Starting the New Year means that you start with fresh food and products. Medication, makeup, and even something as unexpected as pillows expire. That’s right, depending on the type of pillow, it’s best to replace them every six months to three years. 

Make Your Apartment a Warmer Place 

One misconception about apartment living is that it can’t be warm, inviting, and “homey” since it isn’t a standalone house. However, there are many things you can do to decorate your apartment and make it cozy. Add some favorite throw blankets and pillows to your couch, bring out your favorite rug, or add some string lights and plants. 

Start a Healthier Lifestyle 

“Living a healthier lifestyle” is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. This resolution will always be worth striving for because living a healthier lifestyle can add years to your life. According to Allina Health, “exercising is key to living longer” and “lowers risks for many diseases, such as heart disease.” 

However, the problem with this resolution is that gym memberships can be pricey, and the deals often end after January. This issue doesn’t have to be a problem for apartment renters at the Apartments of Wildewood. Residents can use our on-site fitness center year-round with no additional membership fee. We encourage you to keep working out past the winter and never give up on improving your health. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health and Treat Yourself 

Outside of the holidays, many people suffer from the wintertime blues because there is less sunlight. People become moodier and less motivated during the winter. According to Mayo Clinic, there is even a term for this feeling called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The Mayo Clinic recommends people doing the following activities to combat this, one of the most critical being seeking clinical help: 

  • Get outside because nothing compares to natural sunlight
  • Get regular exercise 
  • Stay social by interacting with family and friends regularly 
  • Use light therapy boxes (produces bright light to treat symptoms of SAD) 

We’ve also offered fun activities that you can do indoors when the weather is too cold to bear. We also suggest that as you clean your apartment and organize your life, you splurge or treat yourself with that one item you love or spoil yourself with self-care in some way, shape, or form. 

The Apartments of Wildewood have a friendly community that’s waiting to welcome you!

At The Apartments of Wildewood, located in beautiful St. Mary’s, Maryland, we offer homes with access to pools, an on-site gym, and maintenance whenever you need it – and have access to all the information you need to affordably rent an apartment in St. Mary’s. To set up an appointment to check out an apartment or townhouse rental from The Apartments of Wildewood, call us at 301.737.0737 or visit the website at

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