What Plants Work Well for Your Apartment?


Succulents make for great apartment plants, but there are a few other options as well.

As an apartment renter, you may want to add some life to your space. For some of us, that means beautiful plants that add some color and pop to your home. However, your apartment may not offer ideal sunlight or you may just not have the time to care for plants. The good news is that there are some kinds of plants out there that are just about impossible to kill. If you’re prone to forgetting to water your houseplants or you’re afraid your cat may play with the leaves too much, these plants may be ideal for your apartment.


These plants are very inexpensive, so even if you do end up neglecting them and causing an accidental death or two, you can always replace them on the cheap. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain and require little watering or sunlight, meaning that you don’t need to do all that much for them. They also come in a huge variety! There’s a succulent out there for every kind of person, so take some time to look around because you’d be shocked by how different lots of them look from one another.

Aloe Plants

Aloe plants are actually a kind of succulent. We’re all well aware of the medical benefits of the gel produced by aloe plants but it’s also pretty to look at. If you’re ever burnt or cut, you can always snip the tip off of your aloe leaves and apply the gel within to your wound which offers a soothing sensation. Just let it sit in whatever sunlight you have and water it when it gets too dry! Keep in mind, however, that aloe is toxic to cats and is not ideal for cat owners.

Snake Plants

Don’t worry! There aren’t any snakes involved with this beautiful houseplant. It’ll offer your apartment gold-trimmed leaves that make for a sophisticated and luxurious look. Just be sure to offer your snake plant proper drainage and it will otherwise be able to survive droughts or low sunlight.

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