Why Is Renters Insurance So Important for Apartment Living?

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Learn more about renters insurance and what it can do for you!

While some things in your apartment might not be very valuable to you, like the plastic forks stashed in the junk drawer, others carry tremendous financial and emotional value. If an accident occurs at your apartment, who will help you replace those items? The answer might surprise you—your own renters insurance policy. Why is renters insurance so crucial for apartment living?  

Accidents Happen

The unexpected can still occur even if you live in a safe, quiet apartment community. A kitchen fire may start and leave you without a place to stay while repairs are being finished. An opportunistic burglar may slip in if you leave your door unlocked while you’re at the office and take something precious to you. Your renters insurance can provide you with financial protection in the event that an accident occurs in your apartment living situation. You might not think you need it, but you’ll be left wishing you had it when the worst happens. 

Protect Yourself

Renters insurance does not just cover your personal belongings; it also offers you liability protection in the event that a guest is hurt at your apartment. If someone is injured at your apartment and you can’t cover the cost of medical bills, renters insurance will help pay them and help cover associated court costs. Even if you don’t have guests over often, this apartment living protection gives you peace of mind. 

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Some renters assume that renters insurance is just another fee, but that is far from the case. Your renters insurance policy will provide tremendous protection for surprisingly low rates. Renters insurance premiums currently average $15-30 per month, depending on the amount of coverage you want for your belongings. For less than getting a pizza delivered, you can have all of your belongings protected, additional living expenses coverage in the event that you need to temporarily stay somewhere else, and liability protection. That’s a great value! 

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