How to Shop at the Thrift Store for Your Apartment


Thrifting, as many will tell you, is an art. It takes patience and creativity, and a willingness to alter items if necessary.

Our blog about furnishing your apartment on a budget may have sparked your interest in thrifting for furniture.  While this is a great idea, it takes some skill to really start striking gold on these expeditions.  Thrifting, as many will tell you, is an art.  It takes patience and creativity, and a willingness to alter items if necessary.  But when you do thrift for your apartment, you can save huge amounts of cash.  Read on to find out how.

1. Go frequently.


It’s likely that your thrift store receives donations every single day.  With each new day, there’s something else that you could be finding.  Taking a quick trip to the thrift store every weekend can greatly increase your chances of finding something perfect.


2. Don’t be afraid to leave with nothing.


You may walk away empty handed from a thrift store, and that’s okay!  Because the merchandise changes so frequently, there are bound to be days when you don’t see anything you like.  You don’t need to buy it just because it’s cheap.  Evaluate whether or not the item can truly offer your apartment anything of value.  Knowing when to say ‘no’ is an important part of thrifting.


3. Repainting is your friend.


The thrift store has plenty of furniture and decoration that might not suit your aesthetic.  But, as with everything, this can change; a quick paint job can redefine the entire piece.  Did you thrift a drab dresser?  Make it a DIY project to paint it and form something unique and spectacular.  Don’t be afraid to repaint a decoration.  You should be able to see beauty in the silhouette of items if you’re going to successfully shop at a thrift store.  


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